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1...Roddie MacDonald's Favourite (2:45)
2...Jamie Raeburn's Farewell (4:41)
3...Harris and the Mare (5:47)
4...Duntroon/Trip to Alaska (4:11)
5...The Highland Laddie (4:43)
6...At the End of a Pointed Gun (5:11)
7...Lady Dysie (4:05)
8...The Coach House Reel/Marie Christine/The Coach House Reel (3:54)
9...Phuktiphanno/John MacKenzie's Fancy (2:58)
10...Drink a Round (4:29)


Over the years many Scots have left their native soil and set off for North America.  Some
were forced, as in the times of the Highland clearances; some left for the adventure and/or the work; and some saw the commercial DRINK CANADA DRY.  We're not sure that we're in any of these categories, though some would undoubtedly say the last.  But we have found ourselves touring more and more on this side of the Atlantic over the last four years.  In fact, these notes come to you direct from somewhere in darkest Alberta.

During these various tours it has been our pleasure to meet and hear many of the fine 
singer-songwriters who live here and all too seldom, if ever, come over to our side of the water.  On this album we have decided to include, as well as songs from home, a few of those we have "picked up" over here.

We have been more that ably assisted by Zan MacLeod, from the very talented group
Touchstone, playing with us on two tracks.  We sincerely hope that beneath this cardboard wrapping you will find more than a little of what you fancy.

Special thanks are due to the Moloney family of Philadelphia.  Phil, I hope your ears, nerves and neighbors have recovered from our rehearsal sessions in your front room.  Mick, thanks for all the help and encouragement.  Fintan, thanks for the fun.

To the Rafferty family of Louisville and the McCarty family of Dayton, thanks for many nights of hospitality.

To everyone in Langley, Washington state, we will always remember being with you for
three days one night.

Finally, to all our friends, both gold and silver, thanks for every kindness.

          The Tannahills

PS: To Steve of TGS Studios in North Carolina...you made recording the pleasure it should be.


Roy Gullane: vocals, acoustic guitars, tenor banjo, mandolin
Phil Smillie: vocals, flute, whistle, bodhran, keyboards
Bill Bourne: vocals, bouzouki, acoustic and electric guitars, fiddle, keyboards, bass pedals
Alan MacLeod: bagpipes, mandolin, whistle, bodhran

Recorded in 1983 and 1984 at TGS Studios, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, engineer Steve Gronback, and at Farmsound Studio, Heelsum, Holland, engineer Wil Hesen. Produced by the Tannahill Weavers.

Available as GLCD3031 on Green Linnet Records.

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