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1...Interceltic Set : Unknown Breton Tune / Dominic McGowan / Neil Anns a' Bhata Mhor / Tha Toll Air a' Bhata / Quirang Quickstep
2...When The Kye Come Hame / Munlochy Bridge
3...Lord Drummond
4...The Braes O' Gleniffer
5...The Great Ships
6...Carronside Set : Carronside / Miss Grace Hays / Miss Sarah MacFadyen
7...Rich Man's Silver
8...MacGregor of Rora Set : McGregor of Rora / Port an Righ / Bogallan / Malcolm the Tailor / The Primrose Girl
9...Craigieburn Wood
10...Loch Tayside Set : Superscot / Am Breamatain Tobhain Dubh / Charms of Whisky / Loch Tayside Reel / Ruairidh of Barra's Reel / The New Reel
11...Westlin' Winds

12...Robin Tamson's Smiddy / Highland Kitty


In all probability this will be our last studio album of the twentieth century.  Perhaps the next one will be recorded on a medium small enough to replace a shirt button.  Mayhap you will stick the next Tannahill's album in the parking meter by mistake.  Any way you look at it the recording industry has come a long way since those first cylinders, not that we were ever involved with them, I hasten to add.

For those of you who like to keep track of these sorts of things this is, including compilations, our fourteenth album.  Of the previous thirteen releases none, happily, have been recaptured.  Indeed, perhaps you are one of the many people who have collected them all.  Conversely, you may have come across us for the first time and you're not sure whether to buy this or a few groceries.  Buy This!  Music is forever, but you'll only be hungry again tomorrow!

On that philosophical note let us thank all of you for your fantastic support during the last quarter of a century.  We're planning to be around for a good chunk of the next.  Hey, we're just getting started!

The Tannahill Weavers
Edinburgh, June, 1998

The Tannahill Weavers are:
Roy Gullane - guitar, vocals
Phil Smillie - flute, whistles, vocals, bodhran
John Martin - fiddles, vocals
Leslie Wilson - guitar, bouzouki, keyboards, vocals
Duncan J. Nicholson - highland bagpipes, Scottish small pipes, whistles

Epona... Horses were important animals in Celtic society, reflective of prestige and esteemed for their beauty, speed, intelligence and bravery in battle.  The horse-symbol was associated with the goddess Epona, whose name is based on the Gaulish word for horse, and who was venerated in the Roman period all over Europe.

The heartlands of her cult were Gaul and the Rhineland, but she was worshipped in regions as far apart as Britain, Bulgaria, North Africa, and Rome itself, where she appears to have been the only Celtic divinity actually honored.  Uniquely for a Celtic goddess, she had her own official festival in the Roman calendar, celebrated on 18 December.  Her attributes, unlike those of many Celtic deities, seem never to have varied.  Her role was that of a peaceful, beneficent goddess, associated with domestic prosperity and fertility, but she was nonetheless also revered as a protector of soldiers and their mounts.

Available as GLCD1193 from Green Linnet Records.


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