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The Tannahill Weavers

1...The Geese in the Bog/The Jig of Slurs (2:52)
2...Jock Stewart (3:45)
3...Tae the Weavers Gin Ye Gang/The Blackberry Bush (3:13)
4...Farewell to Fiunary/Heather Island (6:04)
5...Willie Cummings/The Red Speckled Hen/Dalena McKay (4:26)
6...The Merchant's Son/Dr. Ross's 50th Welcome the Argyllshire Gathering (3:32)
7...Ned of the Hills (or Captain Carswell)/The Yewe wi' the Crooked Horn/The Marquis of Tullibardine (3:51)
8...The Gypsy Laddie (2:39)
9...Lady Mary Anne (4:20)

Dear All,

Here we are again somewhere in Britain.  I should know exactly but the snow has gone over the top of the road signs.  Still, thats how it goes when you've been up and down and round about the map like a yoyo in a spin drier for a few months.

We've seen four nationalities of winter so far this year and learned lots of new words like "itinorant" and "#%@~x%!! van!" but it always managed to get us there somehow and, at last, it got us to the studio for this new album of ours.

So once again to each, and all who are part of the heterogeneous collection of villains we call friends (some's in, some's out, and some's waiting for their case to come up) a million thanks for all your help and support whether in the studio, on the road or after closing time.

Cast your bread upon the water and it shall return to you one hundred fold...should anyone require 100 wet loaves write to us c/o JVO 419K; somewhere.

to you all, slainté


Roy Gullane, Phil Smillie, Hudson Swan, Alan MacLeod, & Mike Ward

Copyright 1979 Roy Gullane and Phil Smillie. Produced by Nigel Pegrum and the Tannahill 
Weavers. Recorded at Millstream Studios, engineer Mike Pela, and at REL Edinburgh, engineer Doug Bogie. Mixed at Millstream Studios by Nigel Pegrum, engineer John Acock.

Digitally remastered and tracks 2,4,5,6 & 9 remixed 1991 by Phil Smillie at Pier House Studios, Edinburgh; engineer Peter Haigh.

Available as HRCD103 from Hedera Records


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