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   The Bell Rock
   The Fittie Boatman
   Bessie Brown
The Bell Rock (Phil Smillie)
The Fittie Boatman (Ian Blair)
Bessie Brown (Capt. D. R. MacLennan)
This set starts out with a jig from Phil. The Bell Rock is a lighthouse, situated at the mouth of the River Tay. Coincidentally it is also the name of a local hostelry near his home, and being the easier to get to he has named the tune after the latter. The following tune is The Fittie Boatman by Ian Blair from Aberdeen. "Composed by an ex Scots Guards piper, this tune is a tribute to a friend, the late Ronald Cowper. Cowper was a 'fittie (Foot of Dee) boatman'. The fittie boatmen work in Aberdeen Harbour plying their trade which is helping to secure boats tying up alongside the harbour."
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