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  Cordavon Lodge
  Thailer A Bha Me Sherridh Is Feader A Thuair Mi
  The Fair Maid of Oban
  Daldowny's Reel
  Miss Campbell of Glendarval's Reel
Traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
This set of reels, compiled from "Ross's Collection of Pipe Music" of 1886, begins with Cordavon Lodge, followed by Thailer a Bha me Sherridh is Feader a Thuair me. The title of the second tune translates from the Gaelic as "I Was a Tailor, I Now Have a Knitter". It means that the composer was single and now has a wife. This tune can also be found in the Caber Feidh Collection. The last three tunes are The Fair Maid of Oban, which can also be found in the Seaforth Collection, Daldowny’s Reel, and Miss Campbell of Glendarval’s Reel.

Pipe Major William Ross, who compiled the collection from which these tunes come, was in the 42nd Highlanders. He was a piper to Queen Victoria, to whom he dedicates his collection. The forward to the book is written by the Rev. Norman MacLeod. He writes in his closing paragraph, "The characteristic poetry of the Highlands is Ossian, it's music the Pibroch, and these two voices embody the spirit, and sing the praises of Tir nam' beann nan' Gleann's nan' Gaisgeach (the land of the hills, the glens and the heroes).

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