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MacGregor of Rora
Port an Righ
Malcolm the Tailor
The Primrose Girl
MacGregor of Rora, Port an Righ, Malcolm the Tailor and The Primrose Girl traditional, arranged 
by the Tannahill Weavers.
Bogallan by G.S. MacClennan 

This set starts with two tunes from Ross's Collection of 1885. The first tune, McGregor of Rora, is written as a march but played here as a slow air. The next two tunes, Port an Righ and Bogallan, are reels in the pipe tradition, but are played here as slow reels. Bogallan comes from the G. S. MacLennan Collection. Then comes Malcom the Tailor -- again this is a reel from the piping tradition, played here firstly as a jig. This is followed by the reel version of this tune, which comes from John MacFadyen's Book I. The set finishes with another reel, again from Ross's Collection of 1885, called The Primrose Girl.


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