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Am Breamatain Tobhain Dubh
Charms of Whisky
Loch Tayside Reel
Ruairidh of Barra's Reel (Ruairidh Barrach)
The New Reel
Superscot by G. Johnstone
All others traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers


This set starts with the 9/8 jig Superscot, found in the Caber Feidh Collection. This tune usually has four parts but we play just two here. This is followed by the 6/8 jig Am Breamatain Tobhain Dubh found in John Wilson's Book . The set then builds on four reels-- the first reel, Charms of Whiskey, found in Jerry Holland's Collection of Fiddle Tunes, is played here on the fiddle and the flute. Then we have three pipe reels; Loch Tayside Reel, found in Ross's Collection of 1885, Ruairidh of Barra's Reel, and The New Reel.


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