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Donald MacLeod
Islay Charms
Alina MacAskill
Donnie MacGregor 
Donald MacLeod by J. A. Barrie
Islay Charms by Ian C. Cameron
Alina MacAskill by Dr. John MacAskill
Donnie MacGregor by Donald MacPherson
The hornpipe Donald MacLeod comes from the John MacFadyen Collection.  Donald MacLeod was Pipe Major of the Seaforth Highlanders and one of the most prolific composers this century.  He was also one of the most outstanding players ever, winning the gold clasp at Inverness on eight occasions.

The hornpipe is followed by three typical pipe jigs.  Islay Charms is from the John Wilson Collection, and Alina MacAskill is from the John MacFadyen Collection (mis-spelled on the hard copy version of this as Alena MacAskill).  Dr. John MacAskill is a renowned gold medallist whose roots are in Berneray, North Uist.  Donnie MacGregor is in the Gordon Highlanders Collection.


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