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The Unicorn
Trip to Pakistan
an Andro (unknown)
The Unicorn by Stuart Morison
Trip to Pakistan by Nial Kenny  
Just to prove that the Scottish tradition is alive and well and, not as many people like to think, something that died hundreds of years ago, we have two brand new tunes from two of Scotland's finest young composers.

The Unicorn was written by an ex band member and fiddler, a gentleman (yes, you can be all three) called Stuart Morison.  Stuart toured with us for a couple of years, during which time his writing
skills were already obvious to all who heard his compositions.  He wrote this in honor of the Frigate Unicorn, a wooden warship from 1824 which is the oldest British built ship afloat in the world.  It lies today in Dundee harbour, and apparently is the only ship in the world afloat that was a commissioned vessel in two World Wars.

Nial Kenny is responsible for the second tune, written on the occasion of a trip, not by him, but some friends to, you guessed it, Pakistan.  To close the selection we have chosen a Breton melody.  We have it on authority from good friends and "partners in musical crime" Bleizi Ruz that this is an Andro, a Breton dance, which, unfortunately, nobody seems to know the title of!  For music of this ilk, you can do no better than listen to the work of the aforementioned band.


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