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The Campbleton Kiltie Ball
The Back of the Moon
Kelsae Brig
Put Me in the Great Chest
Sergeant MacDonald's Reel
The Campbleton Kiltie Ball by Pipe Major John MacLellan
The Back of the Moon by A. G. Kenneth
Kelsae Brig by Ian Hardie
Put Me in the Great Chest traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
Sergeant MacDonald's Reel by Pipe Sergeant E. MacDonald

This is a set of one strathspey and four reels.  The Campbleton Kiltie Ball was written by Pipe Major John MacLellan.  The Back of the Moon is by A. G. Kenneth of Stronachullin, a well known composer with a penchant to strange titles such as The Lady in the Bottle.

Fiddler Ian Hardie is responsible for Kelsae Brig, which is included in his recent book A Breath of Fresh Airs, published by Bowmont Music, Kelso, Roxburghshire.

Our version of Put Me in the Great Chest is loosely based on one in Angus MacKay's Piper's Assistant 1840 where it goes by its Gaelic title Cuir Sa Chiste Mņir Mi.  It has nothing whatever to do with any fantasies we may or may not have regarding Playboy centrefolds.  The great chest is, of course, a coffin.  The story goes that as the composer of this fine tune lay on his death bed he asked for a last bottle of stout.  He finished it and requested that the bedroom window be opened.

   "I will throw this empty bottle and wherever it lands is where I wish my final resting place to be."

He was buried on top of the wardrobe.

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