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The Smokey Lum
Maggie's Pancakes
Dancing Feet
The Mason's Apron
The Smokey Lum and Maggie's Pancakes by S. Morison
Dancing Feet by Pipe Major G. S. MacLennan
The Mason's Apron traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers

The first two tunes in this selection were written by our fiddler Stuart Morison, the first being inspired by a rather badly designed chimney which defied the laws of physics and sent the smoke into the room rather than out into the atmosphere.  The second he wrote as a tribute to Maggie Moore's wonderful pancakes.

There is a story concerning Dancing Feet by G. S. MacLennan:  Supposedly it was spontaneously composed at a dance in Inverness; MacLennan was playing the reel Sandy Duff and accidentally lapsed into this tune, which he named Dancing Feet.

According to his son, it was this tune that he was playing on his practice chanter when he passed away in 1929, at a relatively young age, from lung disease.

The Mason's Apron is an extremely "weel kent" tune to which our piper Iain MacInnes has composed some of his own variations.

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