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Isabeaux S'y Proméne
Banais Màiread
Isabeaux S'y Proméne traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
Banais Màiread by Phil Smillie

We learned the first part of this medley from a French group we were lucky enough to meet at Irvine's Marymass festival in Scotland.  This haunting melody was written about a young lady who visits her sailor boyfriend on board his vessel.  After spending a romantic evening with him she leaves as his fiancée.  Unfortunately, by the time she leaves him the pier has parted company with the ship.  Her fiancé arrives on deck to see her going down for the third time, and immediately composes this tune for her.

The second tune here is one from our flutist Phil.  The title written in Gaelic means Maggie's Wedding.

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