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Conon Bridge
MacBeth's Strathspey
Major David Manson
Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran
Conon Bridge by G. S. MacLennan
MacBeth's Strathspey traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
Major David Manson by D. R. MacLeod
Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran by G. S. MacLennan
Two tunes here from the pen of the legendary G. S. MacLennan, probably the finest composer of pipe music this century. His most classic piece, The Little Cascade, is one which is played by thousands of instrumentalists throughout the world. You will search in vain for Shakespearean allusions in MacBeth's Strathspey, a tune probably associated with John MacBeth, a native of Sutherland, who gained a certain notoriety as piper to the Highland Society of London in the mid 19th century. Although our information on the composer of this tune is somewhat scant, we believe it to have been written by one Angus "Marinade" MacTavish, so called because he was in the habit of leaving his wife overnight.

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