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The Gallant Shearers
Traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
Perhaps it has something to do with recording in the spring, but here is another love song, and again it is one of those that we sang years ago but never recorded. It is a rather bizarre phenomenon but folk musicians in general, the Celtic variety in particular, have a self enforced taboo that prevents them singing and playing songs and tunes that have become overly popular. It is, was, and always will be, I suppose, the kiss of death for so much music to have so many musicians perform it that for some obscure reason everyone suddenly stops playing it. Messrs. McCartney and Collins can be extremely grateful that the rock world doesn’t have the same attitude. This is/was one of those songs that long ago died of its own popularity. A class sing along. Welcome back! Throw your head back. Sing up!


Adam’s wine and heather bells
Come rattlin’ ower yon high high hills
There’s corn rigs in yonder fields
And autumn brings the shearin’

   Bonnie lassie will ye gang
   And shear wi’ me the hale day lang
   And love will cheer us as we gang
   Tae jine yon band o’ shearers

And if the thistle it be strang
And pierce your bonnie milk white hand
It’s wi’ my hook I’ll lay it lang
When we gang tae the shearin’


And if the weather be ower hot
I’ll cast my gravat and my coat
And shear wi’ ye amang the lot
When we gang tae the shearin’


And if the weather it be dry
They’ll say there’s love ‘tween you and I
We’ll shyly pass each ither by
When we gang tae the shearin’


And when the shearin’ it is done
And slowly sets the wintry sun
Ye’ll be my ain till life is run
Nae mair tae jine the shearers





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