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It Was All For Our Rightful King
Traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
Back in the "Plant Life days", that is during our first recording contract with the aforementioned and now defunct record label, Mike Ward, our then fiddle player, came up with this melody for a song that some would attribute to Robert Burns. We never managed to get round to actually recording it until now. We once made a start on it, but recording in those early days of extremely limited budgets was a little akin to sitting in a taxi in a traffic jam with the meter running. We always ran out of time.

We cannot be sure that Burns did write this, it may also have been collected by him, and we are even less sure where Mike acquired the melody. One day we must ask him. Anyway thanks Mike, hopefully this is how you thought it would turn out all those years ago.


It was all for oor rightful king we left fair Scotland’s strand
It was all for oor rightful king we e’er saw Irish land
We e’er saw Irish land

Noo a’ is done that men can dae and a’ is done in vain
My love my native land fareweel for I maun cross the main
For I maun cross the main

He’s turned him right and roond aboot upon the Irish shore
He’s gied his bridle reins a shake wi’ adieu for ever more
Adieu for ever more

The soldier frae the wars returns the sailor frae the main
But I hae perted frae my love nae mair tae meet again
Nae mair tae meet again

When day is gane and night is come and a’ fowk gang tae sleep
I think on him that’s far awa’ the lee lang nicht and weep
The lee lang nicht and weep




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