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Rich Man's Silver
Lyrics and melody by R. Gullane
The discovery in recent travels of oil off the northern coast of Scotland has created countless jobs and people have traveled from all over the British Isles to take them. For some the work was a stroke of fortune, while for others it meant complete upheaval and an intrusion in their way of life. For those who had worked in the traditional jobs of the region, the transition was often quite difficult. You don't have to travel thousands of miles to feel homesick, indeed the hero of this song can see the island where he was born and bred but he just can't get over there.

The black rain mentioned in this song refers to a prophecy made by the Brahan Seer, the last person to be hung for witchcraft in Scotland. He predicted that a black rain would fall destroying the north of the country.


A lone heron flies into the last fire of sunset
Wild seabirds cry sad for the passing of the day
Had I the wings there is a dream I'd surely follow
Swiftly they'd bring me where my thoughts so ever stray

Long is the night 'mang the waves upon the ocean
Dawn's early light finds me so far from native shore
Gladly I came seeking the joy of rich man's silver
Now is the flame of my dear youthland gold and more

Black rain and drills calling me here amang these strangers
The brewer's ancient skills can't cheer a heart that's growing cold
Carry me o'er like a wild wave on the water
Onto the shore of my fair heartland loved of old




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