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Robin Tamson's Smiddy
Highland Kitty
Traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
A classic "and they lived happily ever after" song from the northeast of Scotland, where the young man runs off with the blacksmith's daughter. The blacksmith, in turn, fills the void by marrying the young man's mother. This particular version of the song is to be found in the Grieg Duncan folk song collection. The tune is Highland Kitty, from the Ross's Collection of 1885.


My mither men't my auld breeks and wow but they were duddy o
And sent me tae get shod the meer at Robin Tamson's smiddy o
The smiddy stans ayout the burn a wee bit frae the clachan o
I never yet gaed by the door but fat I fell a lachin o

Auld Robin was a wealthy carl an' had a bonnie dochter o
He widnae lat her tak' a man tho' mony ane had socht her o
But fat think ye o my exploit the time the mare was shooin' o?
I went in tae Robin's pet and briskly fell a wooin' o


Fal a doo a di do
Fal de doo a daddy o
Fal de doo a di do
Auld Robin Tamson's smiddy o

And aye she e'ed my auld breeks the time that we were crackin' o
Says aye my lass ne'er mind the clouts, there's new anes for the makin' o
Gin ye'll consent tae come wi' me an' lea the carl yer faither o
Ye'll get my breeks tae keep in trim, mysel' and a' thegither o


Indeed quo she your offers fair, I really think I'll tak' it o
Gang ye awa' get oot the mare, we'll baith sit on the back o't o
For gin I wait my faither's time, I'll wait till I be fifty o
But I will marry in my prime and mak' a wife sae thrifty o

Noo Robin wis an angry carl at tinin o his dochter o
Through a' the kintrae side he ran an' far and near he sought her o
Bit fin he cam' to oor fireside and fan us baith thegither o
Quo I guid man I've ta'en yer bairn an' ye can tak my mither o


Auld Robin girned and scrathed his pow, Guid sooth quo he ye're merry o
But I'll e'en tak ye at yer word, and end this hurry burry o
So Robin an' our auld guid wife agreed tae keep thegither o
So I hae Robin Tamson's pet and Rob has ta'en my mither o





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