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The Athol Gathering
The Athol Gathering - traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
Donald MacLeod Reel by Pipe Major P. MacLeod, Sr.

Time for a bit of "up an' at 'em".  We gleaned this song from Hogg's Jacobite Relics - two volumes of song well worth the gleaning, it should be added.  The tune at the end is the Donald MacLeod Reel by Pipe Major P. MacLeod, Sr., from the Cabar Feidh Collection.  It was composed in 1938 when Pipe Major Donald MacLeod was playing in the Depot Seaforth Highlanders Band, which performed at the Empire Exhibition in Glasgow.

The best thing to do here is fix yourself a Scottish cocktail*, sit (or fall) back, and let this one stir your blood.

*Scottish cocktail:  To one large measure of Scotch add one large measure of whisky


Wha will ride wi' gallant Murray
Wha will ride for Geordie's sel'
He's the flower o' Glen Isla
And the darlin' o' Dunkeld
See the white rose in his bonnet
See his banner o'er the Tay
His guid sword he now has drawn it
And has flung his sheath away

Every faithfu' Murray follows
First of heroes, best of men
Every true and trusty Stewart
Blythely leaves his native glen
Athol lads are lads of honour
Westland rogues are rebels a'
When we come within their border
We may gar the Campbell's claw

Menzies he's our friend and brother
Gask and Strowan are nae slack
Noble Perth has ta'en the field
And a' the Drummonds at his back
Let us ride wi' gallant Murray
Let us fight for Charlie's crown
From the right we'll never sinder
Til we bring the tyrants down

MacIntosh the gallant sodger
Wi' the Grahams and Gordons gay
They have ta'en the field of honour
Spite of all their chiefs could say
Bend the musket point the rapier
Shift the brog for Lowland shoe
Scour the durk and face the danger
MacIntosh has all to do

Repeat first verse



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