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The Hieland Sodger
By Robert Tannahill, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
From the author of Indoor Games for Charity Days comes this song of true love and social security.  The young soldier, realizing that he has no claim for compensation against his employers for any injury (or worse) received in the course of his work, accepts a young belle's offer of 20 and two hundred sheep in exchange for his hand in marriage.

Unfortunately, the marriage was doomed to failure from the outset - the soldier was none other than the notorious Archie "Marinade" MacGlumpher, so called because of his habit of leaving his partners overnight.


High up amang yon Hieland hills
There lives a canny maiden
And she's gone oot ane fine summer's night
To watch all the soldiers paradin'

   And they looked sae braw as they marched awa'
   The drums they did rattle and the pipes they did blaw
   Which caused young Mary for to weep and say
   I will follow my Hieland sodger

Ah, but, Mary dear, my wage is small
And what if in battle I should fall
I hae to gang hame to your Hieland hall
Think nae mair on a soldier laddie!


Ah, but I got twenty pounds in the store
And I've got a herd 'bout ten times more
And I'll gie it to the laddie I adore
And I'll follow my Hieland laddie



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