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The Plooboy Laddies
John Murray of Lochee
Traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
   Play this while you shower - a "sing-along" among "sing-alongs".  Our lovely lass, seeing her ploughboy beau returning home bedecked with ribbons (he just won first prize in the local darts competition.  Only he holds the darts in his mouth and his friend throws the dartboard at him) realises that although she can have any man in the valley, she will have no one except the ploughboy.
   A friend of ours once had a similar, emotionally taxing decision to make.  Should he marry the young, poor girl that he loved or the old, extremely rich woman who offered him warmth and security?  On asking the advice of his father, a wise but lonely widower of some 50 summers, he was told "Always marry for love, son, always marry for love."
   "Great, Dad.  Thanks!  I'm off to ask young Catriona right away."
   "Afore ye go, son," says the old fellow cautiously, "what did ye say the old lady's phone number was?"


Doon in yonder den there's a plooboy lad
An' summers day he'll be a' my ane

   And sing laddie aye, and sing laddie oh
   The plooboy laddies are a' the go

I will hae nae miller wi' his dusty coat
The merchant's gear isnae worth a groat


I love him weel, I love nane but him
I love the very cairt he hurls in


And when I think of my plooboy's smile
It's in his arms I would bide a while


I see him coming in frae yonder toon
Wi' a' his ribbons hingin' roon an' roon





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