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The Standard on the Braes o' Mar
The Haughs o' Cromdale
Melodies traditional, lyrics A. Laing
This song, about the raising of the Jacobite standard at Braemar in 1715, is normally sung as a strathspey, but we have taken the liberty of changing the accent of the melody to give it a less disciplined feel.

We learned this song in the world's unfriendliest hotel, which must remain nameless.  Three o'clock in the morning all hell broke loose.  People were cursing and swearing and banging on the walls and ceilings.  Really, what a racket!  We could hardly hear the bagpipes for it.


The standard on the Braes o' Mar is up and streaming rarely
The gathering pipe on Lochnagar is sounding loud and sairly
The Hieland men, frae hill and glen
Wi' belted plaids and glittering blades
Wi' bonnets blue and hearts sae true
Are coming late and early

Oor Prince has made a noble vow tae free his country fairly
Wha wid be a traitor noo tae ane we loo sae dearly?
We'll go, we'll go and seek the foe
On land or sea, where e'er they be
And man tae man and in the van
We'll win or die wi' Cherlie

I saw oor Prince come o'er the hill wi' Drummond and Glengarry
And through the pass came brave Locheil, Panmure and gallant Murray
MacDonald's men, Clanranald's men
MacKenzie's men, MacGilivery's men
Strathallen's men, the Lowland's men
Callander and Airlie



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