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The Birkin Tree
Traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
To a happier subject now: the love that was almost definitely requited, and rightly so as the young couple have not only gone to the trouble of sitting under a tree all night, but the girl has also stolen her mother's door key in order to break out of the house.

After some initial doubt about the wisdom of a clandestine meeting the girl is finally convinced that all will be well, due to the fact that her mother had done the same thing in her youth.


Oh Lass gin ye would think it richt
Tae gang wi' me this very nicht
And cuddle til the morning licht
By a' the lave unseen oh

And you shall be my dearie
My ane my dearest dearie
And you shall be my dearie
Gin ye'll meet me at e'en oh

I daurnae frae my mammy gae
She locks the door and hides the key
And morn and evening charges me
And aye about the men oh

She says they're a' deceivers
Deceivers, deceivers
She says they're a' deceivers
Ye cannae trust tae ane oh

Oh never mind your mammy's yell
Nae doubt she met your dad hersel'
And should she flyte you may her tell
She's oft times done the same oh

So lassie gies yer hand on't
Your bonnie milk white hand on't
So lassie gies yer hand on't
And scorn tae lie your lane oh

Alas my hand I cannae gie
But aiblins I can steal the key
And meet you at yon birkin tree
That grows doon the glen oh

But dinnae lippen laddie
I cannae promise laddie
So dinnae lippen laddie
In case I cannae win oh

So he's gone tae that birkin tree
In hopes his true love there tae see
When who cam' tripplin ower the lea
But just his bonnie Jean oh

And she's sat doon beside him
Beside him beside him
And she's sat doon beside him
Upon the grass sae green oh



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