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The Trooper and the Maid
The Sound of Sleat
Traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
And now a song about a young woman who did discover the secret of what lies beneath a Scotsman's kilt.  A pity, perhaps, for the uninformed that it is once again left to their imagination.

Coming from the days when the female of our species would actually travel, with her intended, through the blood, gore, bits of arms and legs which impressed the young healthy male of the species enough to take the Royal shilling*, the young lady, finally, can no longer stay with him as she has reached the stage which normally occurs eight months after discovery of the secret.

*Royal shilling - this was the fee paid to all young men when they joined the armed forces.


A trooper lad came here ae night
Wi' riding he was weary
A trooper lad cam' here ae night
When the moon shone bright and clearly

She's taen the trooper by the haun
And let him tae her chamber
She's gied him cheese and wine tae drink
And the wine it was like amber

  Bonnie lassie I'll lie near ye noo
  Bonnie lassie I'll lie near ye
  I'll gar all yer ribbons reel
  In the morning e'er I leave ye

She's made her bed baith lang and wide
And made it like a lady
She's taen her coatie ower her heid
Saying trooper are ye ready


They hadnae been but an 'oor in bed
An 'oor and half a quarter
When drums cam' beatin doon the street 
And every beat was shorter


And when will you come back again
My own dear soldier laddie
And when will you come back again
And be your bairnies daddy

Bonnie lassie I maun leave ye noo
Bonnie lassie I maun leave ye
When heather bells grow cockle shells
Then I'll come and see ye

She's taen her coatie ower her heid
And followed him up to Stirling
She grew sae fu' she couldnae boo
He left her in Dunfermline




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