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Tae the Weavers Gin Ye Gang
The Blackberry Bush
Traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers

Tradition has it that, at this time, all young women carried a lemon in case of seduction.  In most cases (such as this) it was of little or no value as a deterrent.  It did, however, take the smile off their faces before they got home...


My heart was ance as blythe and free as summer days were lang
But a bonnie, westlin' weaver lad has gart me change my sang

    Tae the weavers gin ye gang, my lass
    Tae the weavers gin ye gang
    I rede you richt gang ne'er at nicht
    Tae the weavers gin ye gang

A bonnie westlin' weaver lad sat working at his loom
He took my heart as wi' a net in every knot and thrum


I sat beside my warpin'-wheel, and aye I ca'd it roun'
But every shot and every knock my heart it gae a stoun


The moon was sinking in the west, wi' visage pale and wan
As my bonnie westlin' weaver lad convey'd me thro' the glen


But what was said, or what was done, shame fa' me gin I tell
But, oh! I fear the kintra soon will ken as weel's mysel'





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