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Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa'
Traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers

We always like to include a Robert Tannahill song and this is certainly one of his most beautiful, having captured, in his words and melody, the romantic feeling of spring when a young man's heart goes up and down like a venetian blind.

Note dripping icicle noises and delicately coughing blackbirds.


Gloomy winter's noo awa', saft the westlin' breezes blaw
Amang the birks o' Stanley Shaw, the mavis sings fu' cheery o
Sweet the crawflower's early bell, decks Glennifer's dewy dell
Bloomin' like your bonnie sel', my ain my darlin' dearie o
Come my lassie let us stray o'er Glennifer's sunny brae
And blythely spend the gowden day 'midst joys that never weary o

Towerin' o'er the Newton woods, lavrocks fan the snaw white clouds
And siller saughs wi' downy buds, adorn the banks sae briery o
Round the sylvan fairy nooks, feathery brackens fringe the rocks
And 'neath the brae the burnie jouks, and ilka thing is cheery o
O trees my bud and birds may sing, flowers may bloom and verdure spring
But joy tae me they cannae bring, unless wi' you my dearie o



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