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The Laird O' Cockpen
Traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers

A song from the east coast of Scotland concerning the worst case of attempted marriage on record.

The male chauvinist Laird or baddie, being in desperate need of a wife/cook/bottle washer approaches the inevitable only daughter or goodie without due courtship/expensive meals/red wine only to be rebuffed and, due no doubt to his chauvinism, left confused and in doubt of the lady's mental health.


The Laird o' Cockpen he was proud and he's great
But his mind was ta'en up wi' the things o' the state
He's wanted a new wife his braw home tae keep
But favour wi' wooin' was fashous tae seek

Doon by the dykeside there's a lady did dwell
It's at his table heid he was sure she'd look well
McLeish's ae daughter o' Clavers ha' lee
A penniless lass wi' a lang pedigree

His wig was well pouthered and as good as new
His waistcoat was white and his suit it was blue
He's put on a ring and a sword and cocked hat
And who could refuse him, the laird, wi' a' that?

He's ta'en the grey mare and he's rade cannily
He's tapped at the yett o' the Clavers ha' lee
Gae tell mistress Jean tae come speedily ben
For she's wanted tae speak tae the Laird o' Cockpen

And when she cam' by it's he bowed fu' low
And what was his errand he soon let her know
Amazed was the laird when the lady said naw
And we' a leigh courtsey she turned awa'

Dumfoundered he was but nae sign did he gie
He's mounted his horse and he's rade cannily
And aft times he thinks as he rides through the glen
She was daft tae refuse me, the Laird o' Cockpen




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