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The Overgate
Traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers

As I cam in the Overgate I met a bonnie wee lass
She winked at me wi' the tail o' her e'e as I went roving past
Wi' my rovin eye, fal-di-do-die, rovin' eye down-derry.

I asked her what her name might be, she said 'Jemima Rose'
And I live in the Blaeberry Lane, at the fit o' the Buchan Close.

She took me up the winding stairs, them being lang and dark
The money frae oot o' ma inside pooch, I tied to the tail o' my sark.

We scarcely had got in the hoose, she took me to her room
And there she pulled the bottle oot, before we baith sat doon.

And a' nicht lang I dreamed that I was lying wi' Mima Rose
When I awoke I was on my arse at the fit o' the Buchan Close.

So come a' ye jolly Plooman Lads, that gan oot for a walk
The money frae oot o' yer inside pooch, tie on tae the tail o' yer sark!



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