tannahill weavers



Òrach Compass Records  4717 (2018)

"Musically and spiritually it connects all the players, Robert Tannahill himself and through the playing demonstrates that the music is still moving onwards, never frozen looking backwards. A celebration of spirit that is never just nostalgia. Golden indeed."   - Northern Sky

"...the fifty years of The Tannahill Weavers is summed up in one glorious album...Pablo Picasso is reputed to have said that the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls and in this celebratory recording the Tannies have done just that with tales of yore and vibrant tunes. Just sit back and let them do their thing."  
- Scottish Field

Live and In Session Compass Records  4454 (2007)

"This CD stands as a testament to the compelling and masterful sound of a band who forty years on retain both the freshness and command which first attracted us to their playing."   - The Living Tradition

"...pairing fiery instrumentals with rich harmony singing...surefire crowd pleasers"  

Arnish Light Green Linnet Records 1226 (2003)

"...expertly rendered medleys and songs that feature the band's trademark
richly arranged harmonies...  Recommended."  
- All Music Guide

Green Linnet Records 1210 (2000)

"…you’ll be hard-pressed to discover a better album in their long discography than Alchemy, aptly named, since the Weavers have, for some time, been transforming what is for them common material into world music that really is golden."     -Billboard Magazine

"I think Alchemy is their best recording to date… Everything is faultlessly arranged and flawlessly performed. Highly recommended!"
     - The Living Tradition

Epona Green Linnet Records 1193 (1998)

"…one of this year’s few drop dead gorgeous records…"
The Pulse, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

"…another outstanding outing from this legendary band."
-Spectator, Raleigh, NC

The Tannahill Weavers Collection : Choice Cuts 1987 – 1996 Green Linnet Records 1182 (1997)

"It’s a truly splendid compendium of Scottish sounds and lore…"
     - Star/Tribune, Minneapolis, MN

"And a roun’ bonnie collection this is… Grandly combining nimble virtuosity with an abiding fondness for tradition, this lot stands apart as the real McCoy in a field crowded with quasi-Celtic fusion-folk."
- Sound Views

Leaving St. Kilda Green Linnet Records 1176 (1996)

"Leaving St. Kilda isn’t just another example of their prodigious talents; it may, in fact, be the crowning achievement of their 22 years of recording. For each song is infused with spirit, skill and a palpably passionate love for the music."
     - Ron Hubbard, Knight-Ridder Newspapers

"…a rollicking good time!"      - Victory Review

Capernaum (Indie Award Winner 1994!!) Green Linnet Records 1146 (1994)

"(the) exquisite Capernaum weaves a dramatic, enchanting spell….It is difficult to imagine the Tannahill Weavers recording a better album."
- The Columbus Dispatch

"…a work of beauty, power, and majesty… as close to perfect as it gets in an imperfect world."      - Sing Out!

"This CD sees the Tannahills confirm their status as one of the most entertaining bands on the scene at the moment, as if that needed confirming. In full flow they invigorate and delight, while they are also capable of subtlety and gentleness when needed. Tannahills fans will need no prompting to buy this, and the rest of you shouldn’t hesitate either."
     - The Living Tradition

The Mermaid's Song Green Linnet Records 1121 (1992)

"Scottish traditional music at its best…" - The Daily News, Rhinelander, WI

Cullen Bay Green Linnet Records 1108 (1990)

"…a bright, energetic recording full of Gaelic fire and light."
     - Wisconsin State Journal

"…an exciting release full of power, imagination, and sweet sounds."
     - Hi-Fi News & Record Review

Best of the Tannahill Weavers 1979 – 1989 Green Linnet Records 1100 (1989)

"…a luminous and winning collection of fiery jigs and reels and original and traditional ballads and lullabies."
     - The Arizona Daily Star

Dancing Feet Green Linnet Records 1081 (1987)

"…an album that ranks amongst the best of Celtic offerings in the past year or so and the best ever from the Tannahills."     -Stirrings Magazine

"…should get feet dancing on both sides of the Atlantic… Recommended"
     - Billboard Magazine

Land of Light Green Linnet Records 1067 (1985)

"The music, the arrangements, the execution, all is elegantly simple and direct. Each part is exquisitely done, and every part is subservient to the whole. Everyone who likes the genre will want this album. The songs will haunt the empty spaces at the edge where you live."      - Victory Review

"…an especially eloquent mix of the old and the new."  
     - The New York Times

Passage Green Linnet Records 3031 (1983)

"Lusty attack, crack musicianship and tasteful inclusion of electric instruments add muscle to this Scottish folk foursome, making its U.S. label debut."      - Billboard Magazine

"They ‘kick out the jams!"’      - Village Voice, New York, NY

Tannahill Weavers IV Hedera Records 104 (1981)

"…their tight instrumental and vocal arrangements have a verve and enthusiasm that always manage to set my feet tapping." - Bob Walton, Southern Rag

"…powerful reels and jigs, great pipe playing, all played at the Tannahill’s usual breakneck speed."     -Geoff Hutchinson, Kasebook

The Tannahill Weavers (Scotstar Award Winner!) Hedera Records 103 (1979)

"…robust vocals, tight, expert ensemble playing…a must for your collection."     -Ed Peabody, Celtic Corner

"…the best album the Tannahills have made yet, which means one of the best to come out of Scotland."     -Melody Maker

The Old Woman's Dance Hedera Records 102 (1978)

"…this is a grand record, a big advance – let’s face it – on much of the group music being recorded now."      - Folk News

Are Ye Sleeping Maggie? Hedera Records 101 (1976)

"…a bewildering breadth of talent…in some beautiful, and at times, surprising, arrangements of traditional songs and melodies."
     -Stringbark & Greenhide, Newcastle, Australia